march 29


The first event of the Food for Thought series, Fathomable, is an immersive arts and culinary experience produced by Villa Albertine and Delicious Future in partnership with Saint Joseph's Arts Society.

Kalie Granier, exhibiting artist and ecofeminist, Jonathan DeLong, Executive Director of REAP Climate Center, and chef Maria Finn, will guide us through a multisensory culinary experience to explore and question our many relationships to our oceans.

In connection with the closing of Kalie Granier's
The Realm of Underwater Forests, the event will explore the question of our oceans as our most untapped opportunity for food growing and sustainability.

As guests wander around and under Kalie Granier’s art installation, they will interact with inspiring domain experts including a kelp scientist, local native advocates, an herbalist, and a food tech entrepreneur.


Tasting culinary experience

The tasting will feature local oceanic delights.

To be mindful of allergies and preferences, we will also include a local, vegan options sourced from Saint Joseph’s own organic Sonoma farm, Little Saints.


6:00 - 6:30p Welcome
Cocktails and amuse-bouches

6:30 - 7:00p The Realm of the Underwater Forests
Kalie Granier, exhibiting artist, and Aimee Le Duc, foundation director at Saint Joseph’s Arts Society, present “The Realm of the Underwater Forests”, an art installation that raises awareness of the fragility of our ecosystems

7:00 - 8:00p Bodies of Water
Chef Maria Finn in conversation with Kalie Granier and Jonathan DeLong, executive director of REAP Climate Center, guides us through a multisensory culinary exploration of oceans as our most untapped opportunity for sustainabilityer

8:00 - 10:00p Ocean-themed Salons
Inspiring domain experts offer deeper dives on art and environment

8:30 - 10:00p Dessert and mingling



Signature cocktail and mocktail

Watershed grazing
Grazing Board with local, seasonal vegetable crudites & anchovy aioli, hummus two ways, seaweed butter, bread, gluten-free crackers

Monterey Bay
Black cod chowder

San Francisco Bay
San Francisco Bay herring bottarga, cara cara oranges, wakame seaweed, shaved fennel & spring greens salad

Bodega Bay
Shy seashells - Steamed mussels in lightly spiced coconut milk

Sonoma Coast
Kelp sliders with uni aioli on homemade brioche buns

Monterey Bay Watershed
Mushroom Ceviche served with crostini

Desserts & Digestif

Madeleines a la Proust

Panna Cotta with fruit compote

Fresh, seasonal fruit

*Subject to change and availability of fresh ingredients


Maria Finn is a ocean-lover, chef, and writer who lives on a houseboat in Sausalito, California. She started her career crewing on all female fishing boat in Alaska.

Trained as a journalist, Maria is the author of five books, including a memoir, "Hold Me Tight and Tango Me Home". She is a graduate of the design science studio (Buckminster Fuller Institute), an artist in residence at Autodesk, and chef in residence at Stochastic Labs.


As you continue your culinary exploration, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with 7 extraordinary women at the forefront of renewed relationships to our oceans.

  • Adriana Guerrero, expands access to the oceans with Brown Girl Surf

  • Tristin McHugh, PhD, of The Nature Conservancy, develops innovative and scalable solutions in the protection and restoration of kelp forests locally and worldwide

  • Louise Ramires & Alexandria Casares, of the Ohlone Coastanoan Esselen Nation, advocate for the conservation of their tribal language and land.

  • Sachi Singh, founder & CEO Rootless, brings exciting new seaweed-based health foods to market.

  • Tanya Stiller of Healing Tide, herbalist, will share stories about the many health properties of seaweeds


"I was delighted by the food, it was delicious. And what surprised me most was the company: how many people are interested in exploring deep questions about regenerative practices."